The Big Five

On Monday, Dan and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary – the big five – so in honour of such a special occasion, I felt inspired to create something to represent all of the travelling we've done together over the the last 5 years. For anyone that knows me well, they will know just how much travelling means to me; it was the one thing I vowed to myself I'd do after going through life-saving surgery and I guess if it wasn't for Dan, I probably would have found that vow hard to keep.

Whilst many do the whole travelling solo thing, I've never frankly had the guts and whilst I do enjoy my own company from time to time, nothing beats being able to share new experiences. After 6 months of being together, Dan proposed the idea of booking a holiday. Neither of us had been abroad for a couple of years and it gave us an opportunity to take things that one step further.

That week in the Algarve was the first of many holidays, trips and adventures to come, and whilst I attest to travel being a huge part of my life, it's something I don't believe I'd have had as much opportunity to do without my travel buddy (cue: 'awhhh'). 16 countries down the line and 1 incredible road trip across the West Coast USA, we've taken a step back from the travelling this year to allow us to become home-owners. But that doesn't stop me planning where we should go next, and well, there's just something satisfying about adding a new pin to my push pin travel map.

We've barely scratched the surface of our little planet, but there are many cities, towns and villages that we've explored along the way – and many unforgettable memories made too! From seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland to driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible Ford Mustang, we've experienced some pretty amazing things.

For the moment, the only trips we have planned for this year involve celebrating with friends and family members who are getting married (seriously, 2018 is the year for weddings abroad). But, you never know, if we find it difficult to stop our feet itching towards the end of the year, I'm sure neither of us would say no to booking another adventure...

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