Daily Logo Challenge: Aito

Prompt 5 of the Daily Logo Challenge was to produce a logo for a driverless car brand. As with the previous logos for the challenge so far, I wanted to create my own name for the brand and not use the suggestions provided. I wanted to be able to emphasise the driverless car aspect in the name, not just in a logo mark. So after some thinking I kept circling back to 'AI' – artificial intelligence. I knew I had to find a way to incorporate this into the name of the logo and then it struck me. 'Auto' is a common word that refers to cars, vehicles, etc., so all I needed to do was swap out the 'Au' for 'Ai' to create Aito.

Once I'd got the name nailed I needed to work now on showing the 'Ai' aspect into the logo. I chose to use a tyre for the 'o' as a simple nod to a car (extending the tyre marks from the tyre to the edge of the page to add dimension to the logo). Then simply changed the colour of the 'i' to help with pronunciation of the brand name; Aito (pronounced A-i-toe).

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