Daily Logo Challenge: Pandamonium

For day 3 of the Daily Logo Challenge the prompt was to incorporate a panda into the logo design. Whilst the challenge includes name ideas to base the logo around, like the two previous challenges, I wanted to use a name I'd made up. That being said, Pandamonium seemed like the obvious choice (though the panda itself being the complete opposite of the meaning of the word).

A lover of puns, when the name came to me I knew instantly that the logo would be for a clothing brand; one selling unique and on-trend streetwear. This also gave me the chance to create a panda in geometrical form – a design style I absolutely love and one that's modern and edgy in its own right. Perfect for what I was trying to achieve.

If this was a real-life brand, I'd imagine it to be the type of clothing retailer that would be based in an ultra-trendy warehouse style venue or renovated factory unit. The exterior and interior of the shop would be painted concrete, with the logo spray-painted onto the walls, alongside graffiti of local artists. 

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